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Peanut Sesame Noodles

Of the few things I am always hungry for, are peanuts. Peanuts in anything makes it better for me.  My sweetest memory of peanuts is having them with my whole family on cold winter nights.  One particular evening I had a craving for peanut noodles and so I started looking for a recipe. I ended [...]

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Baked Honey Chili Potatoes

A little sweet and a little hot, these baked honey chili potatoes are an absolute treat. The sticky and charred texture is too good to resist. I served these at a house party and even with pork sausages around, these babies managed to make their way to everyone’s plates. If you are running short on [...]

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How To Have Your Cake and Keep Fit Too!

As a person who bakes a lot of cakes, I am often asked this question. Well! there is no definite way to do it but there are right ways to approach this situation. If I had to tell you my way, it would be ‘Love your body and listen to it’. Sounds easy but is [...]

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