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Olive and Cheese Poppers- Home Style

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  Since the rains are back with a bang , I made these for Sunday brunch. So scrumptious! Very easy to make with a few ingredients. I used olives, you may use whatever you like and make your own version.   Here is what we need: 200 gm Mozzarella cheese 1 egg [...]

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The Mystery Paratha- Stuffed Indian Flatbread

My mother used to make this paratha and pack it for brunch in school. However, I never ate it during brunch time….Well! that’s because it got over during attendance. I remember answering my attendance with food stuffed in my mouth on most mornings. Sometimes I even offered my class teacher to join in if she [...]

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Mars Bar Cake

This is not Sparta but this is definitely MADNESS!!!  This cake is seriously good. When I ate it the first time, it instantly became an all time favorite. Super moist and crumbly, this cake needs no frosting or icing. It looks deceptively simple but has a kick ass flavor.  And do you know what makes [...]

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