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Four Types of Chicken Marinade Recipes For Make-Ahead Lunches

Bello! After dragging my butt through the week, I finally managed to put this post together and I am so happy to do it. I am thrilled to share with you, four super duper easy marinades that you can use for making your lunches ahead of time. I had been thinking of doing this for [...]

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How To Have Your Cake and Keep Fit Too!

As a person who bakes a lot of cakes, I am often asked this question. Well! there is no definite way to do it but there are right ways to approach this situation. If I had to tell you my way, it would be ‘Love your body and listen to it’. Sounds easy but is [...]

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Foolproof Method To Cook Perfectly Moist and Tender Pan Fried Chicken Breasts

I lurve chicken. Who doesn’t? It’s delicious and healthy and there are countless ways to make it. Throw it in any kinda curry or rub any kind of seasoning before you grill it, chances are you will end up with yummy stuff. If you are broke, tired or simply lazy then salt, pepper, lemon juice [...]

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Reine de Saba (Julia Child’s Chocolate and Almond Cake)

You must be wondering if I am a chocolate addict! Surprise surprise…I am not. I am not a chocolate addict. I have always picked the pineapple pastry over chocolate truffle. Strange as it may sound, I am addicted to cooking with chocolate. I am a sucker for textures. Textures intrigue me to no end. Some [...]

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How to Make a Silky Smooth Chocolate Ganache and Frost a Cake For a Smooth Finish (Step by Step)

 I am not a professional baker but a passionate one. There is so much joy in baking a cake for your loved ones which is not only delicious but also looks good. I am not talking about machine-like perfection cz I like it all rustic. Filling and frosting a cake is not difficult at all.  It [...]

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