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Four Types of Chicken Marinade Recipes For Make-Ahead Lunches

Bello! After dragging my butt through the week, I finally managed to put this post together and I am so happy to do it. I am thrilled to share with you, four super duper easy marinades that you can use for making your lunches ahead of time. I had been thinking of doing this for [...]

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Narcos Chicken Salad

This salad contains no narcotics but it is addictive for sure! My room mate and I have been watching the new TV show Narcos and co-incidentally, every episode we watched we found ourselves ODing on this salad. I brought the salad and she brought the new eps. That was the deal and hence the name [...]

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Kerala Style Chicken Stew

I have come to believe that I am a South Indian born in the North. I am always hungry for Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Rassam, Uttapam, Stew and Appam. Although, I must admit that I have a lot of South Indian recipes to try and eat before I claim such love but I am pretty sure, [...]

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Foolproof Method To Cook Perfectly Moist and Tender Pan Fried Chicken Breasts

I lurve chicken. Who doesn’t? It’s delicious and healthy and there are countless ways to make it. Throw it in any kinda curry or rub any kind of seasoning before you grill it, chances are you will end up with yummy stuff. If you are broke, tired or simply lazy then salt, pepper, lemon juice [...]

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Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhani)

Finally it’s here! It’s high time I shared with you India’s national dish…well almost… Butter Chicken. I have actually never met anyone who does not like this dish. Butter chicken has represented the Indian cuisine internationally and is as popular across the world as much as it is in India. A rich and tangy gravy [...]

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Smothered Chicken and Bacon Burritos

I made some chicken burritos and some beef burritos a few days ago. I served them to four large hungry men. No kidding here! all four of them were 6 ft. tall or more, handsome and charming. I don’t remember who loved which variant more but I sure remember their eyes popping out, their heads [...]

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